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About CamiNaturals

CamiNaturals offers an all-natural line of hair and skin care products for all hair types without parabens, sulfates or any other chemicals that could be harmful to your hair and health.  My family and I produce and manufacture the all natural line together because being healthy is important to our family. We believe that the Lord has blessed us every step of the way in this natural hair care journey with everything from formulas, financing, labeling and distribution.

We offer an entire line of natural hair products for men, women, boys and girls—including newborns, that will add moisture, shine and bounce to your tresses.


  • Cami Creme is ideal for thick, coily, kinky hair.

  • Mark 1 Wave Cream is formulated for individuals experiencing hair loss, thinning hair or breakage.

  • Ellington Everyday is perfect for individuals with fine hair textures and everyday styles for kids and toddlers.

  • Evrol Oil can be used as a daily moisturizing oil, prewash and post conditioner oil. Ideal for fighting dry skin, eczema and rashes.

  • Ari Oil is a hot oil treatment.

  • Sarai Oil is a heat protectant oil for those Naturalistas who walk the line between naturally curly and pressed hair.

  • Anthony Andrew H.Y.P.E. Shampoo and Conditioner is an all natural saponified shampoo and a carotene rich conditioner.



CamiNaturals was created by our family, with your family in mind. We are a black owned business and our products are made in the USA. 


For detailed questions about products I've used in the past, style techniques or any hair tips, subscribe to our YouTube channel @caminaturals or send an email to



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