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My Natural Hair Journey

Years ago, I made the bold statement to wear my hair naturally.  Although I haven't chemically processed my hair in the past 18 years, I still pressed my hair and wanted to wear my natural curls.  There were not many options on the market. I’ve tried numerous hair care products that claimed to be ‘all-natural’ products, but over time these products left my hair extremely brittle and dry. Needless to say, I stopped using these hair products and I became determined to find a way to nurse my hair back to health, naturally.

I knew I needed a natural hair product that wouldn’t leave my hair dry, brittle or damaged. I started to research black hair care and what essential oils were needed for my hair. Soon I began creating and using my own hair creams. I quickly went from being asked why was my hair so dry to receiving compliments on the luster of my hair.  I wanted to share with everyone what I was using in my hair and get my entire family’s hair healthy. This is how the CamiNaturals line began.

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